Happy Otter Lover (antijudas) wrote,
Happy Otter Lover

I'm super sick of people bitching about the churches being out and about because of Easter. So what, there are some Christians walking through the streets, standing on street corners, doing whatever. Who fucking cares? You don't like it - ignore them. They approach you, say no thanks. Don't bitch and moan. They have beliefs. They want to share them with you. The only reason they do it is because they honestly believe it will benefit you and your life. They aren't doing it to piss you off, so stfu and stfd. And especially don't claim to be an open-minded individual and then hate on people just because they are members of a large religious group. Open mindedness does not mean only sticking up for minorities. If it weren't for Christians, you wouldn't be getting a four day weekend.

not that I even get a four day weekend because my school is RIDICULOUS and decided to schedule my final on Monday. SUCK
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