Happy Otter Lover (antijudas) wrote,
Happy Otter Lover

I had a bit of a tumble on Wednesday. I fell out of my shoe when crossing the street, twisted my left ankle and scraped both of my knees and the fronts of my ankles (the front bit where your foot connects to your leg, not the bony bit on the side). The worst is on my left ankle, it's quite deep and icky looking. It hurt a fair bit. Thursday, by the end of the day, I was hobbling from my left ankle being in pain. Yesterday, the pain was mostly gone (as far as twisting my ankle goes), the only part that hurt was the scrape itself being right on a place that stretches out every step. I noticed last night that my left foot was quite swollen, and now that I'm looking at it this morning I'm realizing that, compared to my right foot, it's pretty big. I don't know if I should go to the clinic or something. It doesn't hurt, except for the scrape, but it sure looks unpleasant.
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