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Some of you may remember me posting about Nicole, the crazy psycho bitch from my class. Well, we've been getting along ok since our big blow out. I chose to give her the benefit of the doubt and not bring up how completely psycho she is again... until now.
About five months ago, she borrowed a dress from me. Just a $15 Wet Seal dress, but regardless, I'd only had it for a couple weeks and really liked it. She never gave it back. Whenever I asked her, she'd say 'text me tonight to remind me to put it in my bag', so I did and then the story was 'I lost it in my closet somewhere. As soon as I have time to search I will bring it' which, of course, never happened. Yesterday, whilst being a facebook creeper, I happened upon some pictures of her from a week or so ago. Surprise surprise, she's wearing my dress! So I left a note on her wall saying that I saw she'd found it.

"yeah i found it last weekish but it's living @ brianna's friends house after a drunken night. Anyway I've been meaning to mention to you that you're behavior has not gone unnoticed. Ever since that day in class when you decide to act like a totall jackass and me as a human retact then i get in shit for it... I mean come on...

I am really having a hard time listening to you bitch and moan about how you have no friends, you feel like an outsider, and blah blah when you're attitdue towards people and the things you say to them directly affect it. Mean spirited humor as u will learn will not be funny in a year or so when u get a little older.

U will also learn how to get you're own style, and timing. I mean I know it's supposed to be flattery when people copy you. But i just find it irratating. You really need to take a look at some of the things you do and say and then really think.. hmm would i want to be around me? would i want to be my friend?? Not everyone thinks you're insults towards other people are hilarious..

One of my best friends is Kyle imagine how much shit i can be put through with friendships and i'm having a hard time with this one. I'm not saying this to be mean or to push you away i just really need you to take a good look at you're self and understand why i would be forced to say this stuff to you."

oh no you didn't. The behavior in class she's speaking of was when she told me that she wanted to get teardrops tattooed on the inside of her index fingers, and I called her a scenester. She flipped out giving me the whole 'wtf gives you the right?' schpiel and I told her to STFD. And when she talks about me understanding when I get older... she's SIX MONTHS OLDER THAN ME. This is my breaking point. So I wrote back to her:

"Get over yourself. I do not know where you feel like you get the right to speak to me the way you to, but I am so sick of it. While you continually feel the need to point out the flaws in other, you fail to realize that everyone in the class thinks you're a two-faced psycho. One day, you're lovely as pie and the next you snap and bitch at everyone. I may get frustrated with others sometimes, but at least I know that I am a nice, kind hearted person inside. I don't imitate anyone. Just because my style may overlap someone else's at times does not mean I am copying them. I assume you're talking about my leopard print leggings, which, I assure you, were purchased without a thought of you in mind. Next thing you're going to tell me I'm not allowed to wear flipflops or grey tank tops because you happen to have those in your wardrobe too.

And I do not appreciate you having my dress for so long. It is incredibly rude that you lost it and that you have no regard for my property. If the same situation was reversed you would've flipped your lid long ago. Have some respect. Just because it's a $15 dress and not a $200 designer whatever does not stop it from being mine. You act like it's MY fault that you haven't given it back, which is complete bull shit. I lent that to you in good faith and have been far more patient than anyone else ever would've been.

You continue to walk all over me and everyone in the class has asked me why I'm so infinitely forgiving of you. The truth is, I have no idea. You have been rude, disrespectful and two faced to me. There is a reason that we never discussed that big argument we had and it's because you were completely and utterly in the wrong. There was no reason whatsoever for you to get so upset over the situation. You had never felt ashamed of sharing your marks before, so I fail to see how my simply asking how you did on an exam was inappropriate. Furthermore, it's completely uncalled for you to speak for another person and attempt to make me feel guilty by saying I hurt their feelings, when there is no truth to that. I'm aware that you see yourself as being a very level-headed and understanding person, but I think you are the one that needs to step back and take a look at your behavior. No one in the class has ever flipped out on anyone else except for you. And every single time it's over something trivial.

A friend would never tell another friend that they deserve to have no friends. You are no friend to me if your opinion of me is what you just wrote. I may have misunderstandings with my friends, but none of them have ever spoken to me the way you do. Your opinion is not the truth. It is your opinion. You are entitled to it as I am entitled to mine and don't ever tell me otherwise."

What a fucking psycho.
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