Happy Otter Lover (antijudas) wrote,
Happy Otter Lover

I need to stop giving people my phone number. I am the worst person at phone etiquette. I never phone people back and I almost always ignore my calls. But, to be honest, I think lots of people are quite rude with their phone calling also. Because, really, you only need to call me once and leave a message. If I feel like getting back to you, I will. If I don't, it means I probably don't want to talk to you. It doesn't mean that I want you to call again and again and again.

A year ago a guy I went to high school with asked me out. I was taken aback, so I said yes reflexively, gave him my number. We spoke a couple times on the phone, but never had a chance to arrange a date because of conflicting schedules. However, having noted the frequency of his calls (5/night sometimes), I found it quite a turn off and basically started ignoring them. Also, his dad started pissing me off a lot by being just a general creep and weirdo (they live around the corner from me). A couple months ago I was waiting for the bus and his dad saw me and came over to talk to me (calling me by the wrong name, I might add). He started going off about me and his son were going to get married, he was sure of it, and just really freaking me out a bit. Then, lo and behold, a few weeks later the calls returned. I ignored them from the get-go, but he is still calling me 2-4x/week.

A month ago I got "set up" by a couple friends of mine. It wasn't a date, just a meeting. He met me and my friend Alisha at the bar and we chatted for a bit. I got drunk and when I'm drunk I love everyone. Anyway, nothing happened, but we got along really well. He got my number through my friend and called me. We chatted a few times and tried to arrange a date, but it fell through. With my work/school schedule it's hard to find time to go out with anyone, but I honestly haven't been making an effort. I haven't returned his calls, and there is no good reason for it at all. I'm trying to justify me being a bitch by not calling him back by saying that I'm just not attracted to him. But I'm very very rarely attracted to anyone when I first meet them, and we seem to get along really well. I just can't bring myself to do it.

On Saturday night I was at the bar after work, just chilling with a beer, planning on going home after one or two drinks. I was about to leave when the bartender told me that his friends from back east were coming to visit and he wanted me to stay and meet them. He bought me a beer, so I agreed to stay. Long story short, I got quite drunk and ended up giving him a bit of a kiss goodbye at the end of the night and declaring to my friends that I liked him very much (as I said, I love everyone when I'm drunk). He and his friends came in for lunch on Sunday, and he asked for my phone number. I gave it to him, because, what the hell, he's a nice guy. I specifically did tell him, however, that I was not going out at all that night because I had a load of homework to do before my final today. I decided to leave my phone in my room while I was doing my homework that night so I wouldn't be distracted by calls/texts. When I went to bed, I'd got a random text message (along with a few other calls from friends), which I assumed was from him, saying to bring friends out to the Roxy in Vancouver. Since it was late, I didn't bother replying. He called me tonight while I was drying my hair, so I didn't hear the phone go. He left a message. I was about to go to bed I decided not to bother calling back, with the intention of getting back to him tomorrow. Since then, he has called 5 fucking times. I've had to turn my phone on silent. I'm getting pissed off now, because I want to go to sleep but my phone is my alarm clock and I need to set it to get up for school tomorrow, which I can't do because I've had to turn the ringer off.

Situations like these are what turns me off of using my phone. Have some fucking courtesy. I may be a bitch for rarely returning calls, but to tell the truth I don't actually have a lot of time to do so. Calling me a million times is not going to make me call you back, it's going to piss me off. If I ignore a call, sometimes it is because I just don't want to talk to the person, but sometimes it's also because I'm in the middle of doing homework or I'm in bed. I also don't answer my phone at school or at work, and between those two spots is where I spend the majority of my life.

To quote my hero, Stephen Fry: "Well, actually, of course, a telephone is a fantastically rude thing. I mean, it's like going "Speak to me now, speak to me now, speak to me now!" You know. If you went into someone's office and banged on their desk and said, "I will make a noise until you speak to me," it would be considered unbelievably rude."
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