Happy Otter Lover (antijudas) wrote,
Happy Otter Lover

It's snowing!
Part of me is very >:( about this, but part of me is sort of :D
I get to not go to work tonight because I can't get out of my house, which is :D because it's the job I don't particularly enjoy. However, if the snow hasn't cleared by Friday and I have to miss the job I do enjoy then I will be incredibly >:(
I also have lots of candy. So that's :D

Daisy (my flatmate from England) is trying to move over here. We're trying to figure out how to get her a work permit, and we're both somewhat confused by how to go about it. We're hoping that she'll be over here in the first part of next year, and hopefully stay here for about a year.

I have 2 jobs, one sucks, the other doesn't. The one that sucks is washing fucking dishes at the Keg, where I should have been moved up at least to bussing or hostessing by now, if not serving and bartending. I'm pissed off that I'm stuck in the back because I am an awesome fucking server and I deserve to be out front. The other job is at Sears, where I am working in the cosmetic and fragrance department. I was hired as seasonal, but the counter manager for Lancome was fired a couple weeks ago and I am applying for that position after Christmas. I am praying to the sweet sweet Lord that I get it, because it would be such a good opportunity. I'm not sure who I'm up against for the position. The other girls in the department seem to think I stand a good chance of getting it, but I don't want to count my dragons. The other position that's open is for Shiseido, which I would take if I didn't get the Lancome job, but it's definitely not as desireable a position. It's only 30 hrs/week, and Shiseido doesn't make that many sales in our location, and since I make commission I'd rather work for a counter with higher sales. I think they're desperate for someone to take the job, so I'm sure I would get it if I applied for it, but I would rather have a job I know I can stick out for at least a year before transferring into Vancouver (where I eventually want to end up), than a job I know I'd be sick of after 2 months.

My ideal situation to pan out over the next few months goes like this:
This Friday I finally pay off the last of my credit card bill from the NYC trip.
After Christmas is over, I get the Lancome position. I also finally get moved up to serving/bartending at the Keg. Work full time at Sears, and pick up a couple serving shifts/week at the Keg to make tips. Also continue to work with some of the local photographers I've been doing shoots with to build my portfolio. Make lots of money and buy lots of shoes. Also save up money.
End of Jan/early Feb, finally get drivers license and invest in some form of vehicle. Continue to save money.
April/May, Daisy moves over here. Stays with me and my parents place, finds a job, we find an apartment and move out.
All was well
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